Surviving Los Angeles without…Internet?

I actually remember the days when computers were new and fun.  They all had that black screen and green writing on it.  This was before we all went social media crazy.  Now, if I don’t have my blackberry on my person at all times, I feel like there is a piece of me missing.  I know it’s sad.

So imagine my despair when I lost Internet access in my house.  That’s right!  NO INTERNET!  Now, not only am I car-less, I don’t have the ability to sign up for CarShare or look at Google map locations.  I was lost!  (As a side note, really my despair was self-imposed as I had to work all weekend anyway so leaving downtown was not going to happen, CarShare has a phone number you can call to reserve a car, and I still had Google maps on my blackberry.  So essentially I’m taking some dramatic license here.)

That means no e-mail, no Facebook, no blog posting.  I did my duty and called my service provider to find out that…oops…apparently autopay wasn’t as automatic as I thought, and they decided to shut down my deadbeat backside.

Alright, fine.  So, now what.  Thank goodness for local spots along Spring Street that provide free access to the Internet while supplying customers with coffee, pastries, sandwiches and pretty much anything else you may ever need for sustenance.

I need to give a special thank you to L.A. Cafe.  Now, I can’t opine on their food so much as I only had the granola, berries and yogurt one morning (excellent) and coffee the other times I was there.  However, the beauty of L.A. Cafe is that THEY ARE OPEN 24 HOURS AND PROVIDE FREE INTERNET ACCESS.  They do request that you limit your time at their tables to an hour.  The times I was visiting their establishment were off-peak hours, so I tended to stay a little longer, e.g. 4am this morning when I sat with a cup of coffee at one of their tables for a couple of hours finishing up my work.  I would be frantic and near tears right now if I hadn’t found L.A. Cafe in my walking tours of the neighborhood.

My only complaint, though there is not much they can do about it, is that there is no seating inside the cafe.  Granted, how many times will I need to sit outside working in the wee hours of the morning, but hey, if it happened once it could happen again.  However, fate stepped in and I met a nice man who became my bodyguard for a few hours.  He told me his life story that included a need to get back to Long Beach and so I offered a deal:  $10 (half at the beginning and half when I was done working) to sit at the table with me, not interrupt me while I worked, and to keep other people from distracting me.  Deal struck, mission accomplished, work finished.

Thank goodness I will have access to the ever addictive Internet again tonight…


2 thoughts on “Surviving Los Angeles without…Internet?

  1. What a night! I’m glad you found a bodyguard though, the crazies seem to come out at night in dtla, or maybe their presence is just more diluted during the day when the normies are out…

  2. I rarely feel scared in downtown. However, I did realize my vulnerability sitting outside by myself at that hour. I would like to think survival of the fittest. Bring it. But the bodyguard was nice…whether paid or not.

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