*The* LAX CarShare Conversation.

It’s my favorite conversation that happens ALL THE TIME.  It involves phrases like:  “Seriously, you don’t own a car” and “How do you possibly live in Los Angeles without a car” and my favorite “are you crazy?!”  As to the last question, it remains to be seen.  As to the first two.  YES, IT’S TRUE.  I DON’T OWN A CAR.

Then the conversation always continues:  “Well don’t you need a car sometimes?” or “How did you get there if you don’t have a car?”  Wake up and smell the gasoline (OK, don’t, that’s really not healthy.)  Anyway, today I was FORCED to travel to the outskirts of the world…Malibu.  I find Malibu fascinating.  I don’t know what everyone out there does for a living, but I want in.  Going surfing in the middle of the day sounds awesome.  However, getting to Malibu and seeing those surfers and then back to downtown in under…a million hours…required a car.  I cannot stress enough how much I love LAX CarShare.  Without it, I’m sure I would have broken down and gone back to the world of car ownership.  Not having that responsibility is amazingly freeing.  And yet…I can drive to Malibu at the drop of a hat.  It’s super easy, really.  And while I love this conversation that has an official title now because I’ve had it so many times, it would be fun if the LAX CarShare idea was not so alien to everyone I meet.

Now for the exciting part.  You all know you want to be LAX CarShare members too.  I want more shared cars in Los Angeles, not only downtown.  For everyone who says “well you can do that because you live and work in downtown,” all I can say is sure it takes a little more thought and some adjustment, but don’t knock it until you try it.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING THE LAX CARSHARE FAMILY SIGN UP NOW!!  Even better, enter the promo code “Be Green” and let them know that you learned of this deal through my blog (Flat-Footed) for 10% off the sign up fees.  It’s worth it.  I love my life without a car and yet…I have a car whenever I need it.


2 thoughts on “*The* LAX CarShare Conversation.

  1. Yup!! For real Angelenos!! I am a 9 year vet of New York City, and I FIRMLY believe it is not only possible, but completely AWESOME to use LAX Carshare. I bought a car here, but feel no attachment to it, and would LOVE to expand the commuter/subway/carshare/bus community here in LA. It is one big opportunity for US to benefit the world by conserving fuel, and also a GREAT way to tell NYC to get over it’s superiority complex over LA. Seriously!! Let’s show NY that we can do it too!!!!!!

  2. I love this Courtney! I think car sharing is amazing. I was so disappointed when Zip Car / Flex Car pulled all their cars out of downtown. Now LAX Carshare is here to save the day. And, to Athena’s point, I think the whole world should realize LA kicks NYC’s ass anyway! hehehe.

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