Pet Peeve

I am a proud dog owner living in DTLA.  The only time I pretend my pup and I are not together is when he goes ballistic at the sight of a large dog (though the leash and doggie bag in my hand usually give me away).  Napoleon complex.

Now, I recall an article in the LA Times awhile back that claimed there were more dogs in downtown than people.  I don’t know if that is true, but what I will say is that there are prime walking areas where people go and meet, let their dogs play, and…do their business on every tree in every section of greenery or non-greenery that exists in downtown.  As a dog lover, I have no problem with the number of dogs in downtown.  However, I do have an issue when dog owners do not pick up after their pets.  I would love to be able to tell my dog “you made that mess, now please go clean it up” and while he might be smarter than me at times, I am fairly sure we will never reach that point.  And, as a side note, thank you to whoever it was that put flyers on a couple of trees around my block showing a photo of poo left on the ground.  It was a disturbing image to see first thing in the morning, but your point is sound.

Please, dog owners in downtown, pick up after your dog.  I have new rules for my pup when we go out for walks in an attempt to…spread the love around downtown as opposed to marking the same tree over and over again.

Rule #1 – We will not stop at every tree.  I know which three are your favorites on our block and that is fine, but the others will remain unmarked.

Rule #2 – You are not allowed to relieve yourself on anything other than grass or other green space.  This sidewalk stuff is not happening on my watch, and I’m definitely not allowing any marking of potted plants outside a store front.

Rule #3 – Well, I don’t have a rule # 3 yet, but I’m sure the list will grow.

I love dogs in DTLA.  I often stop to pet them when I’m out walking (as long as they are friendly and the owners don’t mind).  It is crazy to expect anyone else to do your dirty work.  You got the dog, be a good owner.


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