When pigeons attack!

You might begin this post by thinking, “what the hell does this have to do with living in Los Angeles without a car.”  Stick with me a few seconds and I will attempt to make a connection.


They are terrifying.  Drivers and walkers in Los Angeles alike must deal with the worst of all birds…CITY BIRDS…and even worse than that…CITY PIGEONS.  Now, I’ve heard stories of birds flying into windshields, landing on people, even dropping gifts from above on innocent bystanders (which actually happened to me once when I was 15 and it was an extremely traumatic event).  Hell, there was even a Hitchcock movie about birds gone wild.  I never saw the film myself.  I had a hard enough time with Jaws, which has now kept me out of deep water pretty much my whole life.  So, having a true fear of birds would probably mean I could never leave my house.  OK, it might be a stretch for this blog, but I’m stuck in a coffee shop working all weekend and so my travels are minimal right now.


I had an encounter with a city bird while trying to sit quietly outside in my new hiding spot in downtown where no one seems to go in the middle of a beautiful day.  Except this pigeon.  It circled me trying to figure out what I was doing and devising a plan to steal my lunch.  It amazes me how these pigeons have no fear.  I thought at any point he was going to take a seat next to me and dig into my bag.

Well, he kind of did.  Unfortunately, I was not smarter than the pigeon.

City Bird: 1, Courtney 0.

We shall meet again bird.  You can count on it.