Have you ever felt like a zoo animal?  You know, everyone is staring at you but you don’t know why.  You start to think: did I put my shirt on backwards this morning?  Is my fly down?  Wait, I’m in a skirt.  Crap, is my skirt see-through?

Courtesy of LAX CarShare website

Oh, what’s that?  I’m not what’s peaked your interest.  I see, you’re pointing at the lovely Nissan Versa with the LAX CarShare logo on its side.  You want to talk about it?  Sure, I’ll talk to anyone.  Just waive me down.

To my chagrin – alright, that’s not true because I’m very proud and excited for Melissa at LAX CarShare – on Sunday night all of the cars in my regular pickup area were checked out.  It was amazing to see.  The only car available for the time I needed was at Union Station.  Now you must all realize that I was checking the schedule about an hour before I needed to leave as my super hero procrastination abilities had reached a whole new level.  So an hour before and I’m still able to grab a car is pretty amazing.

Well, no problem, I’ll make my way to Union Station and find the car there.  How hard could it be.

In the end, not at all.

I grabbed my favorite bus line the Rapid Transit 733 on 4th and Main.  It’s second to last stop is on Cesar Chavez and Alameda.  My only gripe with the ride was the fact that the bus driver was in a supremely bad mood.  First, she didn’t really feel like stopping.  Second, she nearly killed me by closing the doors on me as a group of us exited the bus.  I’ve taken the bus many times all over the city, and I had such an awful experience as I did with this driver.  Next time I see her coming I will gladly wait an additional 10-20 minutes for the following bus.

For anyone who wants explicit instructions on where to find the CarShare, I’m your girl.  If someone is going to get lost, it’s me.  Then I can explain my foibles to you in hopes that you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

If you’re on Alameda and Caesar Chavez, walk less than a block South and turn right onto Union Station Driveway.  Now, you are looking for Parking Lot D.  Don’t be confused as I was originally.  There is a Lot D that is connected to the Mozaic apartment building.  Wrong lot.  I learned the hard way.

After finding my way out of the Mozaic, I continued down the street to where there is a ramp with a arrow pointing up that says “Public Parking.”  Shocking that I did not see this earlier.

You can either walk up the ramp, which I did, or walk over to the building where the Metrolink baggage claim is and take the elevator to the second floor.  You really can’t miss it.  Just keep walking straight down Union Station Driveway and on your left you’ll see the entry ways to the baggage claim area.  There is also a really nice sitting area outside where I once saw Kiefer Sutherland playing chess while waiting to film an episode of 24.

When I got to the top of the ramp, I asked the guy in the booth where the LAX CarShare was located.  He was super not helpful.  “CarShare?!  I’ve never heard of the CarShare.”  OK, fine, I’ll find it.  I wandered one direction, nope.  I walked back the other.  Nope.  Then I realized the parking lot extends to the backside of the building and it must be over there.  Bingo.  Granted, had I taken the elevator like a normal person, the car was literally steps away from the exit door.  Live and learn.

While the guys driving the car before me were a tad late, it was no problem.  I sat for a few


minutes people watching.  There were a couple of ladies in wedding dresses and my favorite vanity plates of all times:  “CWBY LMO.”  If you are going to get them, then do it right.  This person with their big Dodge Ram truck that could pull a horse trailer and then some chose wisely on the plates.

Though, my late night return to Union Station resulted in the entry gate down with only the exit gate remaining open.  That meant I could not pull a ticket to leave in the cup holder as requested by the CarShare instructions.  Hopefully whoever took it out after me didn’t have too much trouble.

Keep driving the CarShare.  It’s awesome.


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