Weekend Option: "…and that, my liege, is how we know the Earth to be banana shaped."

My theme of late has been things going on in downtown Los Angeles.  I spend about 70% of my time here, and I realize as I get older I like to stick closer to home.  Long trips out to Santa Monica feel like weekend affairs to me.  Though, I will say, I’ve been planning a trek to the mountains and/or desert for awhile.  My plans tend to change at the last minute, though, and my previously scheduled trips were all canceled due to unexpected events.  It’s unfortunate, I know.  I will not be thwarted much longer.  I will escape the city for more tranquil settings soon.

While I’m still here, there are always lots of fun things to do in town.

Pershing Square has turned into one of my favorite Summer venues for random outings.  Tonight at 8 p.m. , the Square is Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  If you haven’t seen it,  highly recommend it.  Unfortunately, I’m going to miss out on this one, and so I hope someone goes in my place, writes to me to tell me how wonderful a time they had, and then I can be jealous yet happy to have spread the joys of Monty Python to others.

Now I’ve told you before, so I’ll say it again.  It’s so easy to get here.  If you can find your way to the Redline, take it to Pershing Square and exit on the 5th and Hill side.

On Saturday, I think I may take a Los Angeles Conservancy tour.  For however long I’ve lived in Los Angeles, and more specifically downtown, I have never taken a tour.  I know, it’s blasphemy.  It’s high time I walk with groups moving through my neighborhood as opposed to watching them from my balcony as I eat breakfast.  There are several walking tours to choose from, but I think I’m going to try the Historic Downtown Walking Tour.  Any tour that takes me through the Central Library is already A-OK in my book.

To the librarians working at the Central Library, I love that we have our library open on Mondays again, and I promise to pay my late fees this week.  Every time I walk into the library I get this strange feeling I’m being judged for having allowed my late fees to remain this long.  Really, I’ve just been very busy lately.
Finally, I will leave you with this comment I heard while walking this morning:  “Well, if the sun doesn’t rise, then that means it’s on the other side.”  This is an ongoing project of mine as I collect phrases entirely out of context during my daily adventures in DTLA.


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