The Plus One

Some of you may have seen a lack of posting that occurred from about the end of November until…well, yesterday.  Have you heard the phrase life is what happens when you’re out making other plans?  I can start off by saying I am a living, breathing example of this.  And so with great pleasure I am happy to announce that I’m going to have a plus one.  That’s right.  My belly is getting bigger by the day, my appetite increasing and my general demeanor has become much more…contemplative and maternal.  OK, not really.  I was up until almost 3am last night after taking the LAX CarShareto LAX, of all places, and then heading home to eat my third snack of the night, talk on the phone for a bit to someone who drives me absolutely crazy sometimes, and then watch various bad television shows recorded by my lovely DVR.  However, all of that will need to stop soon or really modified a tad.


To answer all of the questions everyone seems to ask me in one fell swoop.

1.      I have no idea what the gender is yet, but I will soon.

2.      No, I don’t like random strangers trying to rub my belly.  Would you do that to a non-pregnant woman?  I don’t think so.  Or if you do think that’s appropriate, maybe you should mull that one over one more time.  And as the weather gets warmer and I larger, check yourself or you might lose a hand.

3.      Planning is for wimps.

4.      Yes, I’m going to stay in downtown for at least a few more years at which time I’ll figure out how to rent out my condo and move next door to my friends who bought a place in the Echo Park area.

5.      No, I’m not going to get a car.

Funny enough, #5 is the most shocking to people.  I hear it all the time, “well now that you are going to be a “plus one”, do you want to buy my old car when we get a new one?”  Or “you know you’re going to have to get a car for all those doctor’s appointments.”  Or my favorite “you’re finally coming to your senses then and getting a car again.

Sorry people, I lost my senses a long time ago and this really doesn’t give me a reason to change my commuter ways.  So far I’ve been to countless checkups at my doctor’s office and always getting there through my trusty LAX CarShare.  After my little Plus One has arrived, I’m going to begin teaching him or her the beauty of the public transportation commute.  A little extra time together on a bus or subway really couldn’t hurt that whole bonding process, in my opinion.

And the answer to my last favorite question (though it’s a semi-joke from most) on this topic: even though I don’t have a car, yes I’m registering for a car seat.

What does the future hold?  Who knows, but likely many more posts about trying to catch the bus or the subway while carting around some additional weight and then the crazy shenanigans my little plus one and I find ourselves in as we continue this life together.  Cheers to the future, my friends.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts


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