Wait . . . did I do something illegal?

As everyone knows at this point:  1) Carmageddon wasn’t as carpocalypticy as we thought and 2) the 405 reopened earlier than planned.  Excellent work when I had it on good authority that the person in charge of the project had never finished on time before.  If there was ever a moment to end that streak it was here with a $6,000 per every ten minutes of additional delay price tag potentially looming.  I’ve worked in high pressure situations before, so when that incentive is there you do what you must to finish on time.

My original title "Being Antisocial" has been changed by a friend to "If My Life Were A Chair."

What you may not have known is that multiple metro lines were free to ride this weekend.  This was wonderful news for me.  Carmageddon saved me a few bucks as I used the redline all weekend long.  I found myself asking if we could do Carmageddon again next weekend.

However, it got me to thinking.  The red, purple and orange lines were free, but the goldline was not.  Huh.  Interesting.

Yeah, so my dear City of Los Angeles, what you are telling me is that I should be buying multiple tickets for each ride?  You seriously think that when I’m running to catch my transfer line, say when I go to Pasadena, after I’ve exited the redline at Union Station and find myself scampering towards tracks 1 and 2 for the goldline, you want me to wait there and purchase a second ticket?  That might be the most rider-unfriendly practice I have ever witnessed. Continue reading