Stuck on Innes and Sunset.

I had the great pleasure of attending a Dodgers baseball game this weekend with a good friend. I grew up watching baseball with my dad, and in fact the Dodgers were often the team of choice for my house.

The view.

I once accused my dad of being the reason for my move to Los Angeles. From birth he told me I was going to attend school in California so that we could go to Dodgers games all the time. It might be rumored that Dodger was my first word. OK, that last part is not true.

I’m not sure what I was more excited about, attending my first Dodgers game of the season–I know it’s late, but there has been a lot of unnecessary drama in the McCourt world that turned me off of baseball this season–or riding the free Dodgers Express shuttle.

If you are a Dodgers fan, a baseball fan, or have ever randomly found yourself at Chavez Ravine, you likely noticed the set up (or lack thereof) of the parking lots.  You may have also experienced the hell we call exiting Dodgers Stadium.  Often I end up exiting the stadium on a different side than I entered, which usually confuses me enough that I circle around until I get my bearings to find my way home. To add to the joy of Dodgers Stadium parking, I read somewhere that there is talk of reducing the amount of parking at the stadium. Though, there was also a rumor the Dodgers were going to move to a stadium in DTLA. Who knows what’s fact or fiction these days. Continue reading