Karma and the Fist Bump

If you watch baseball at all, you will notice the guys on the team congratulate each other after making a good play.  Sometimes it’s a tap on the backside, other times it’s the high five, but more often than not these days it’s the fist bump.  And no, there is no blowup afterwards, though one of my friends tried very hard for about a year to get that to catch on.

In my everyday life it seems that several of my friends have incorporated this move into their normal greeting.

[Exterior:  Outside of a loft in DTLA where two guys are seeing each other for the first time in a week]

Guy1: “Hey, man, how have you been?”  [Guy1 and Guy2 each makes a fist and tap them together in greeting instead of a handshake.]

I’ve always thought of this is as a greeting between friends.  I’ve rarely engaged in the fist bump myself, but unlike some people I don’t find it vulgar or unseemly.  It’s just not in my repertoire of greetings.  Though, I do wonder if National Fist Bump Day has ever happened again.  I would reconstitute the fist bumping celebration just to annoy Ms. Sara Smith who claims to have only engaged in such an activity while on Ambien.  Seriously Sara?  You hate it that much that you called for a boycott? Continue reading