Weekend Option: The return of the Must…sort of

It’s been a long time coming.  I recall that fateful Sunday morning after The Must was so rudely and surprisingly shut down.  As word started to trickle across downtown, I came to learn that those boards on the windows and locks on the doors were not remodeling efforts by The Must owners.  Instead,the owners of the property conducted a little late night switcheroo.  New agreements were made that did not involve The Must, and so all of the inventory, equipment, and furniture were moved out in the wee hours of the morning after The Must closed down for the night–which is also sad, because Sunday game night was one of my favorite Sunday evening before having to start a new work week activities.  Bring in the lawyers.

After more than a year of questions–when is The Must coming back?  Where are they going to be located?  The Hellman Building?  The Continental?  But there’s never any movement over there.  Are they really rebuilding?  When can I get that mac&cheese again?–it is finally happening. Continue reading

Weekend option on the Redline: Street Fair

Happy Friday, everyone.  I read an article this morning from our lovely local paper that said public transportation ridership increased during Carmageddon.  While the article is a bit cynical about continued use of the these alternative transportation options, it was nice to see that people weren’t afraid to at least try it.  Try anything once is my motto . . .

If you are in the area this weekend and looking for something to do, take the Redline to the Los Feliz Village Street Fair.  Find your way to a Redline train heading to North Hollywood and get off at the Sunset/ Vermont Station.  Walk north one block to Hollywood Blvd. and you’re there.  No designated drivers needed.  Just ask someone to point you back to the metro when it’s time to go home.