Have you ever felt like a zoo animal?  You know, everyone is staring at you but you don’t know why.  You start to think: did I put my shirt on backwards this morning?  Is my fly down?  Wait, I’m in a skirt.  Crap, is my skirt see-through?

Courtesy of LAX CarShare website

Oh, what’s that?  I’m not what’s peaked your interest.  I see, you’re pointing at the lovely Nissan Versa with the LAX CarShare logo on its side.  You want to talk about it?  Sure, I’ll talk to anyone.  Just waive me down.

To my chagrin – alright, that’s not true because I’m very proud and excited for Melissa at LAX CarShare – on Sunday night all of the cars in my regular pickup area were checked out.  It was amazing to see.  The only car available for the time I needed was at Union Station.  Now you must all realize that I was checking the schedule about an hour before I needed to leave as my super hero procrastination abilities had reached a whole new level.  So an hour before and I’m still able to grab a car is pretty amazing.

Well, no problem, I’ll make my way to Union Station and find the car there.  How hard could it be. Continue reading